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Signs your tap water might have a problem...

Learn how to spot common water problems through every day observation.
We take the safety of our water for granted but, every year, water unfit for human consumption is supplied to thousand of households. More commonly, the water is potable, but unpleasant to live with. Here are some of the most common problems you will encounter and how we can help improve your life, your health, and your home longevity and comfort.

Hard Water

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Hard water contains calcium or magnesium and is a common problem. Home owners might not realize they have hard water, nor how much it costs them. Dry skin, spots on glasses, silverware and fixtures, dull, harsh clothing, plugged shower head, and reduced water pressure are signs of hard water. It can even trigger eczema. Financially, hard water means more soap and shampoo is required to reach the desired lather; laundry needs more soap and softener to retain some softness; calcium can deposit in pipes to such a level as requiring a complete re-plumbing in older homes.

Cloudy Water

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Cloudy, murky or grayish water is usually caused by particulate matter or suspended solids. This is also known as “turbidity.” Water can become turbid naturally or from land disturbances such as construction, storms and urban runoff.

The turbidity of your water can range from low to high. But even if your water looks clear, it could still contain a high level of particulate matter or suspended solids. That’s why, whether your water is turbid or not, we recommend you have it tested.

Chlorine Taste and Smell

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Public water often times contains chlorine. Used to make the water safe, users can always tell when the next batch has made its entry in the water system. Its smell and taste are hard to miss.


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Stains can have many causes, and various effects on your health and home enjoyment. Regardless of the cause, we have a solution tailored for you.

Blue Green Stains

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If water has a low pH, it is acidic. Acidic water attacks your plumbing, especially metal plumbing and fixtures. Depending on whether you have copper or iron pipes, acidic water will leave blue or rust colored stains. These are a sure sign that your plumbing is being eaten away. Hot water heaters are also jeopardized by acidity in the water.


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Bleach doesn’t kill all bacteria. Public water systems are required to add chlorine to the water to make it safe. Adding chlorine to a well (“shocking” the well) doesn’t guarantee that the water will be free of bacteria the following week. That’s because water conditions in a well vary with the weather, demand (including new construction in the area), and anything that can enter the aquafer. E Coli outbreaks are more common that people think. Many people suffer for years of intestinal ailments that they haven’t associated with their water.

Low Water Pressure

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Low water pressure is a common problem when on a well. Even with plenty of water, pressure varies with water usage, and the seasons.
Water flowing from faucet

Sulfur Odor

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Sulfur is very common in our area. Its presence is easily identified by its telltale rotten egg smell. Sulfur contributes to stains and pipe corrosion. People who grew up in home with sulfur water might have gotten used to its smell, but it takes away from the resale value of a home.

Methane Gas

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In large quantities, methane has a distinctive smell which is hard to describe. Unfortunately, smell is the least of the problems caused by methane. Methane is a gas, it's bubbly presence in water affects water pressure, and can cause damage to plumbing. It is never fun to have methane in your water, even if setting your water on fire is a cool trick.

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Complimentary Water Analysis

Living Water Service offers a complimentary water analysis. Just give us a call at 518-400-1416 to schedule your home visit.

Building a long term relationship based on quality and trust.

Long-term customer satisfaction is our number one goal, and we are dedicated to providing every one of our customers with personalized, honest service. Unlike many other water treatment companies, our philosophy is anchored in understanding the specific water quality issues of each customer and how those issues can be resolved in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Living Water Service is known around the Capital District area for its dedication to solving water problems and satisfying the customer. That’s one of the reasons why we offer nothing but the highest quality products. They’re unlike anything else on the market with brilliantly simple solutions tailored to your home.

With a comprehensive line of water treatment products and trained water professionals dedicated to helping you determine what solution is best for your family, we have confidence you’ll enjoy the Living Water Service experience. We’re looking forward to having you join our growing list of happy customers.

Our Professional Promise

As an authorized, independent Water Treatment System professional, we hold ourselves to higher standards. Our water professionals and service technicians keep your best interests at heart. Whether we’re analyzing your water, helping to determine the best solution for your water challenge or explaining how water treatment systems work, no one will bring more professionalism into your home or is more interested in your total satisfaction. We promise.